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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Whats a guy got to do to win a hand?

I love tournament Poker at Full Tilt. Shit like this makes me want to believe the Tinfoil hat guys.

3 hours of tournament play comes down to a blind v. blind with 17 left. Set over set and quads for the suck.

Dealer: ScottMc posts the small blind of 600
Dealer: luckyknot posts the big blind of 1,200
Dealer: You have been dealt [4d 4c Ts As]
Dealer: T8urmoney folds
Dealer: ColeCMcL22 folds
Dealer: otto716 folds
Dealer: jsplate1 folds
Dealer: jimw99 calls 1,200
Dealer: dtools22 raises to 4,000
Dealer: ScottMc calls 3,400
Dealer: luckyknot calls 2,800
Dealer: jimw99 calls 2,800
Dealer: The flop is [3d 4h Kc]
Dealer: ScottMc bets 16,000
Dealer: luckyknot calls 16,000
Dealer: jimw99 folds
Dealer: dtools22 folds
Dealer: The turn is [3h]
Dealer: ScottMc bets 48,000
Dealer: luckyknot raises to 96,000
Dealer: ScottMc calls 23,084, and is all in
Dealer: luckyknot shows [3c 3s Qc 6d]
Dealer: ScottMc shows [4d 4c Ts As]
Dealer: Uncalled bet of 24,916 returned to luckyknot
Dealer: The river is [5h]
Dealer: luckyknot shows four of a kind, Threes
Dealer: ScottMc shows a full house, Fours full of Threes
Dealer: luckyknot wins the pot (190,168) with four of a kind, Threes
ScottMc: good god
Dealer: ScottMc stands up
Dealer: Hand #13304376176
Dealer: ScottMc finishes in 16th place and wins: $7.65

Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to Basics

Man I forgot I even have this worthless page. I cant believe it has been so long since I posted. It is not like I have a job or anything keeping me from updating this fucking thing. Sad to say with Twitter and Facebook, this little piece of my world is slightly ignored. Add to it that my poker prowess is horrendous these days and you end up with a month long gap at ScottMc Poker. link yourself because JJOK says so

Where to begin... well lets take it in order shall we.


The Monday after mothers day I was called into the owner of my companies office and was told that the company no longer needed me, and that he didn't need to give me a reason why. He did however tell me that while I was one of the smartest people he had ever met in his 30+ years in our business and that he couldn't think of anyone that he knew of that he had placed in my job that had done it better. That all being said he fired me...

I didn't ask for any other reason beyond what he said already but that didn't stop him from continuing. He went on to tell me that he felt I was not "committed" to his company and that he was not going to have anyone working for him tell him how to do things. This made perfect sense to me as the former Vice President of Operations, the guy that sold his house and took his kids out of a school they loved, a guy that had forced his wife to change her job so that she could move with him to a different city, A CITY MIND YOU THAT I SWORE I WOULD NEVER MOVE TO.

He was right I was not committed, the 12-17 hour days I worked were nothing in comparison to the 3-4 hours he worked 3 days a week. My non-committal attitude was apparent the day he screamed over the PA system (mistakenly I might add because he didn't know how to use the phone system) a stream of profane racist and sexist comments. I was not committed when, against my better judgment, I gave into his demand to hire the "night time cleaning girl" to a better phone job in the office, even after pointing out that not only was she a undocumented illegal alien she barley spoke English which was a requirement of the job. My non-commitment was nothing compared to her looks and the fact that "if a little cash was tossed at her we might get to see her little brown tits". Well hopefully with my next job I will remember to be a little more committed to it.

The Job hunt.
I have been working since I was 15 years old. As of this moment this is the longest time since then that I have not had a job. The day I parted with my last job I was not concerned at all. I mean lets get real here, I have been in my industry for about 15 years, I have a proven track record for results, I have met very few people out there that know more than I do in my field and I study my industry furiously almost daily so that nothing at all gets by me. I have been complying contacts for over a decade and have a list of favors owed to me a mile long. This should be easy seeing as how I am in the 4th largest city in America and there are over 150 companies doing what I do.

I joked around on facebook today and said I have applied for over 600 jobs. It was a wild exaggeration on what it has felt like but I got curious and went back and looked. I have actually applied for 247 jobs in Houston, Austin, and Dallas. Of those 247 jobs I have gone to 11 total interviews and have been called back 4 times for second interviews. I have tried some pretty weird things to get in for interviews. I took a week and went to Austin and visited everyone I knew there in the business. I met with two guys I helped get jobs years ago, one told me there was no way he could hire me for any job he had because it would only take me 90 days to replace him. The other told me the same thing but he wouldn't even let me pass the lobby doors because he new his boss would see me and it would be over.

I set up meetings with several recruitment firms over a two day period while I was back home in Austin. All of them had jobs in my field and close to my pay range so I felt good about it. I brought donuts and breakfast tacos and made sure I remember all the names of all the right people. I drop the all the BS and just made it clear that I needed a job and that I was the right guy. I was given 2 pretty decent prospects out of all of has been 5 weeks and not one single call back.

That same week I decided to do some old fashioned " Resume drop off " at a couple of places that I new were looking. I printed out their postings and took them with me and off I went. Funny thing about job hunting in 2009, no one will interview you if you show up and ask for one. When did we as a country become so reliant on e-mail and keyword searches that we stopped walking out to the front desk and looked someone in the eyes and spoke to them?

Back to Houston I came with my defeated tail tucked between my legs. I scored a great interview with a MAJOR bank right off the bat. I showed up for the first interview and met the corporate recruiter. Nice girl, for a 16 year old. It took some convincing and her showing me her DL to prove she was old enough at least to buy smokes (kidding here but she looked 16). The interview went great and lasted for almost 2 hours. I hit on all my strong points and felt really great about everything. When we finished she asked me if it would be alright to speak to one other person because there was a second job they were also looking for and it was very close to my skill set. The next person came in and he was a slick looking young guy that looked to be about the same age as the girl. He told me that she had said a lot of good things and asked me about this other spot and went on and on about it. We closed with me politely decline his offer for the second position and reiterating my favor for the original spot I was talking to them about. Slick told me that I would most certainly be getting that spot and that training classes would be starting on the 15th and the 30th and he would get me in ASAP. Days went by and I didnt hear from them so I decided to call. I was routed straight to Slick and he told me that there was a confusion and I had been "put in" for the second position, the first job had been filed and some how I was missed in that. The other job would require 3 more interviews a 4 hour test and a background check and I would need to wait 3 weeks.

I heard from them today. I was passed on. The decision was to be made by a group of 3 people I interviewed with and only one had seen my resume and decided to pass. I was told the other two were on vacation and since the posting date was closed as of today they had to pass on me.

So here I sit over 60 days without a job. One thing I do know for sure is the Houston experience is over. I am out of this fucking town for shot we get and headed back to the place where the people are weird the sangria is chilling and the music is the best in the world.

Austin be prepared, when I get back I will never leave you again.

So shit this is a poker blog right? Poker has been fucking foul. The BBT4 was a total bust for me. I think Numbbono had the stats correct when he said I was the most consistent loser in the whole thing. I barely scored any points not to mention I didnt cash for shit in anything. While all that was going on I was also busy getting my teeth kicked in on all the ring games. I tracked over 20,000 hands over the BBT4 in cash games, I made the correct play 91.9% of the time but when I won, I won VERY little and when I lost, I lost MASSIVE!

I just dont have the same game I use to. I feel like a punch drunk old boxer, I can still get out there and dance around but if we slug it out I am getting clipped fast. I am sure a lot of this is that I dont play the same game anymore. I use to play 4-5 nights a week and now I play maybe 2 and for much lower stakes. I keep telling myself I am going to start over and relearn all the things I forgot but even as I write this I have lost 5 straight sit n go's. Three on really nasty beats and the other 2 because I just didnt seem to care about them. I am more confused about my future in the poker world than I am about the real world!

I am back to grinding sit and go's and wont play another ring game until I get at least 100 under me. Hopefully somewhere in there I can find my old swing and get back to playing and enjoying a game that has been apart of my life since I was in junior high

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Tonight bitches.

Big Game!

Big Game Mulligan!!!

Last chance for a TOC seat!!!!!!

get off your lazy ass and man the fuck up and play poker.

Listen to the Asshatfrat crew live on BDR!!!!

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My Friend Marshall

I have decided to start a new project in my life. Hopefully it will breath life back into my blogging career.

I love me some Waffles and spend damn near every day talking to him. His insight and wisdom is cherished by me and I am starting a regular segment as an ode to our friendship.

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